Where to Find Cheap but Quality Outsourced Work

Time is precious, and as a business owner, you know how much you value your time.

Instead of doing everything yourself, why not hire someone else to do it? Why not opt for outsourced work to get stuff done?

You could be busy with the overall management of your business, so trying to do everything all at once might compromise the quality of work. You wouldn’t want that!

Outsourcing work may cost a lot of money in proportion to the quality of work. You don’t want to spend more than you can afford and risk the financials of your business.

But no worries, there are sites that will help you get affordable outsourced work with high quality. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Also known as MTurk, Amazon Mechanical Turk is only one of the many sites you can find to get outsourced work from. It is a company under Amazon which aims to make the lives of business owners easier.

Tasks in your company are essentially endless, and some of them are intermittent. Meaning, you only need them done on a bi-weekly basis, once a month or whenever needed.

It’s not wise to hire a full-time employee to do a specific intermittent task. You can just go on Amazon Mechanical Turk and look for workers that can do it right now and fast.

You can look for various workers for your jobs like audio transcription, photo editing, graphic design, internet research, and others. If you need data, you can also have them fill up surveys for pennies!

Craigslist (India and Philippines)

While Craigslist isn’t the most used platform in India and the Philippines, it is still a great site to get quality outsourced work.

India and the Philippines are two of the leading countries with the most number of freelancers in the world. If you need to get a writing job done, you can definitely hire freelancers from these two countries despite English not being their native tongue.

You can find very skilled workers on Craigslist India and Craigslist Philippines no matter what the job is.



Fiver is also another site you can visit if you’re in need of outsourced work that won’t break the bank.

As their name suggests, most workers you can find here will do any kind of work for $5. If it is a more complicated work, it can go higher than $5, but the premise stays the same.

Unlike most outsourcing sites, Fiverr workers can get really creative! Most outsourcing sites are focused on business related and freelancing jobs, but people on Fiverr will literally do anything to get that $5 in their account.

You need a funny video done? They got you. You need a beautifully handwritten love letter? They have it. There are even people who will look into your future for only $5!

Alright, you probably won’t need that in your business, but you get the point!

From creative jobs like graphic design and writing to technical jobs like web design, you can find them all on Fiverr.



Different from the rest, Digital Point is an online forum focusing on the internet marketing community.

The forum is sectioned by expertise such as web development, graphic design, and article writing. The trading community of DigitalPoint is extremely active.

To keep buyers and sellers of services safe from scam, there is a feature called iTrader on the forum that will give you a peace of mind in terms of trusting another person to your job for you. This is very similar to eBay’s feedback system.


Formerly known as Elance and oDesk, Upwork is probably the most trusted and most secure outsourcing site out there today.

The friendly user-interface is very pleasing to both clients and freelancers, and its invoicing system is top notch. They also utilize the escrow payment system for secure payment to and from both ends.

Upwork is very strict with new registrants. They make sure that they only allow qualified and genuine freelancers to receive and apply for jobs. This will leave you a pool of highly skilled web developers, graphic designers, researchers, writers, and so on.

As an employer, you can either post a job or invite a freelancer you deem fit. Freelancers have profiles that showcase their expertise, experience, certifications, and portfolios so you can go through that before offering them a contract.

After a few clicks, you will have a worker prepped and primed to do stuff for you. It’s that quick and easy, not to mention cheap!


“I need some outsourced work done but I’m still confused…”

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