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Branding is probably the most important part of your career and business.

It’s like choosing between two toothpaste tubes. Obviously, you are going to pick the one with the flashy design over the one that says “brand X”. You pick the one with a name, and you trust it more than the nameless one.

The same goes for freelancing and service providing. With great brand comes great clients!

How do you build a great branding?

When you have decided on whether you should brand yourself or your company, it’s time to plan how exactly you want to build it.

The brand that you want to achieve must reflect your professionalism and the quality of your work, so you can be able to instantly grab a potential client’s attention.

There are many ways to build your brand, but the most effective in the last couple of years is information products.

Why Information Products?

The top reason why people go online is to look for answers to their questions. You are likely reading this blog because you want to know how to improve your business, and that is a great example.

Information products are anything that will help a regular internet user to improve their lives and solve their problems. This is also the reason why “how to” videos and blogs are extremely popular.

If your niche is something you are expert on, then creating information products on it will be very lucrative!

The key to creating information products is to answer your own questions when you were a beginner. Most bloggers started out as regular internet lurkers looking for answers and realized that there weren’t any. So they went ahead and looked for the solution themselves, and then they share it.

Here are a couple of types of information products you can create to better build your branding.


1. eBooks

Writing an eBook for your niche is the easiest.

All you need to do is to think of a topic that will answer your audience’s questions and create an outline around it. It is usually a “How to…” topic.

If you are pressured to write a 12,000 word eBook, it’s best to think of it as a collection of articles instead of one massive writing.

Simply type it all in Word, and you can submit it to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to self-publish. As long as your eBook follows their guidelines, there should be no problem.

They will automatically convert it to a Kindle-friendly file, and will be up for sale on their website! Remember, if it’s a topic that a lot of people are looking up, you will get sales.

Quick Note: Don’t forget to plaster your brand all over it! This way, not only will your brand be seen by people, but it will also be a great addition to your portfolio.

So, help people, earn money, build up your brand, and improve your portfolio – all in one!

2. Paperbacks

Once you have created a nice reputation with your eBook, Amazon allows you to produce it in paperback form through CreateSpace.

Why release in paperback when you already have an eBook up?

Not everyone is fond of eBooks. Most people still prefer physical books over eBooks, so releasing paperback versions will spread your brand even more.

To do this, simply submit the same manuscript you submitted to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and add a cover flat.

A cover flat is the front cover, spine, and back cover of your book. You can easily hire another freelancer to design this for you.

Once you have all that, you are now ready to self-publish paperbacks! Woah, you’re a cool kid now.


3. eCourses and Multimedia Courses

Take your information sharing to the next level by offering eCourses.

We’re sure you have heard of this. A lot of freelancers and service providers started out with learning through eCourses.

Sites like uDemy and Alison are constantly looking for partner educators on various topics like Business, Arts, Literature, etc.

If you want to host your own classes with full customization, sites like Teachable allows you to do just that.

By creating eCourses, you can easily create your community of people in the same niche as you, and you can direct them to your site to increase the awesomeness of your branding.

Another way you can offer a course is through e-mail.

There are many websites that offer something like 10-day course on…” courses and they are huge hits!

Basically, these are multimedia courses sent through e-mail and stretched to last a couple of days. This is also a great marketing strategy because you will be able to collect their e-mails when they opt-in.

More e-mails, wider audience, and bigger branding!

“I’m overwhelmed! I have so many ideas but I don’t know how to start…”

No worries! Thetis Media is here and we got you!

If you only want the best for your freelancing business with regard to branding, you can always hit us up. We offer FREE consultation to help you take your business up a notch!

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