Increase your PageRank by using these tips

SEO techniques are designed with the primary purpose of increasing the PageRank. However, Google differentiates between visible PageRank and real PageRank. The real PageRank is tracked internally, while the visible PageRank is updated and only a couple times a year.

While speeding up the timeline of the PageRank update is technically impossible, the internal PageRank can be constantly improved. This will ensure your page is staying up to date and will give you a head start once a PR update happens.

You can do so by following these simple tips.

Buy expired domains

Buy high PR domains, or domains with lots of backlinks and redirect them to your site. A quite simple solution that is becoming more and more popular. Its popularity is resulting in decreased effectiveness. However, you can easily maximize its effectiveness by using its twin sister technique. Buy an expired domain, put up mini sites and link to your site from there.


Target links you don’t have

First, check your link profile or do it automatically by using a backlink checker. Once you know what types of links you have, you can focus on differentiating.

If there are low quality, low PageRank links coming in focus on getting a few high PageRank links. Alternatively, if there already are high links, put your efforts into obtaining lower quality links.

The point is to increase your PageRank by covering the whole spectrum of links.

Launch a Viral Campaign

Launching a viral linking campaign can skyrocket your PageRank. The campaign can result in getting your website to the front of a subreddit or getting upvotes on StumbleUpon.

Creating a viral campaign is easy if you know your target audience well. Create high-quality content with attention-grabbing title and post it on an existing social bookmarking website that your audience uses. Repeat the same process until the campaign gains traction.

This method will organically strengthen your PageRank by engaging with readers about topics they care about.


Guest Blogging and Paid Blogging

Connect with bloggers who may find the topic of your website interesting. This is a win-win situation since the blogger will get fresh content and your website will get more traffic. These in-context links (links that are inside the content of another website) have high value and therefore a huge effect on your Page Rank.

Many paid posting services have this offer. The price you will have to pay depends on the PageRank of the link.

Let us know if you have other useful tips in the comments section below.


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