Custom Climate Homes is a different kind of construction company.

Custom Climate Homes is a different kind of construction company.


Climate Custom Homes needed help with their logo, cards and website.


Victoria, British Columbia



Custom Climate Homes is a construction company in Victoria, British Columbia that does thing differently. They are known for their eco-friendly practices, being reliable, their high-quality, and on-time execution of construction projects. They specialize in both residential, commercial, and civil construction with skilled professionals.


  • Develop a website to showcase the construction portfolio and post related information.
  • Develop a CRM to monitor and manage construction sites and projects.
  • CRM should have vendor management and financial management capabilities.
  • Chat integration for attending visitor’s queries.
  • The design should reflect the brand value and positioning of the high-quality construction standard.
  • Implement local SEO with targeted keywords to boost the website rank on google.

Phase -1 – Prototyping

The website’s main focus was the portfolio showcase, capabilities presentation, and admin CRM to monitor and manage different ongoing projects. We started by capturing detailed requirements of how a construction project starts and what processes are involved from start to finish. Vendor management from CRM was crucial, as this can impact the project timeline. We developed the wireframes for the public website and internal CRM addressing all the pain points Climate Custom Homes is having. They liked the prototype and gave us the go-ahead for actual development.

Phase -2 – Designing

The designing phase was required to reflect brand identity to build trust and reliability with all the capabilities statements. We selected Blue colour as the main theme colour to position the professional image. The Admin panel CRM was designed for intuitive action buttons and interactive dashboards to effectively manage construction processes and vendors. The finance dashboard in the CRM required much attention to be correct, reliable, and simple at the same time. The final design came out to be as expected to run day-to-day construction operations effectively.

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Phase -3 – Development and Deployment

It took 2 months to develop a fully-functional construction website and internal CRM. We prepared a demo link for the client to see website enhancement and successive releases during the development phase. Any feedback was incorporated quickly. Website content was very well placed to increase brand strength and trust. We handpicked images for the portfolio section with engaging content. National and Local SEO was done properly before and after the website release.
  • Website design and CRM requirements met all the requirements of the operation team and management team.
  • Climate Custom Homes is generating high-value leads from the website and clocked a 15% increase in new contracts.
  • The operations team is now performing better, and the management team can effectively manage the projects.
  • Using CRM significantly cuts the cost and time for the company in multiple departments.
  • Website traffic has been increasing by 15% month on month.
  • SEO results were pretty good, and the website was ranking on the 1st page of Google in just 45 days.


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