Member Benefits Trust(MBT) Policies

Privacy Policy: During our work with you, we collect and store some of your personal information. This policy outlines how we handle that information as well as our commitment to keeping your information safe.

Policies and Procedures for Privacy Complaints: This document outlines the policies and procedures to be used by the MBT for dealing with privacy complaints.

Beneficiary Assistance Policy: From time to time, beneficiaries of the MBT may ask a Trustee or Administrator to assist them or to advocate for them with their claims. This document outlines what steps the Trustee or Administrator will take when such a request is made.

Reserve Withdrawal Policy:  This document not outlines the policies and procedures around Reserve Withdrawal. Be sure to fill out the form that is appropriate for your request. Forms not linked below can be found in the policy document.

  • Schedule A: Physician Certification
  • Schedule B: Class Drop Waiver
  • Schedule C: Maternity/Paternity Leave Waiver
  • Schedule D: Disability Waiver
  • Excess Contribution Withdrawal Application Form

Retirement Benefits Society (RBS) Policies

Withdrawal Policies: While producer retirement contributions are typically locked, the Board has determined that members who meet very specific criteria, can have access to these funds, based on criteria specific to their situation.

  • Disability Withdrawal
  • Financial Hardship Withdrawal
  • Maximum Annual Contribution Withdrawal

Privacy Policies:  These documents outline our Privacy Policy and the Policies and Procedures to be used in the case of a privacy complaint.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Privacy Complaint Procedure

Other Policies

  • Non-Registered Fund Investment Policy
  • Non – Resident Withdrawal Policy
  • Alternate Investment Policy

Questions about your MBT/RBS Benefits?

If you have questions about what form you need to use, get in touch . In the meantime, we’d love to tell you more about your MBT benefits.

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